Wednesday, January 11, 2012

chocolate pretzel

this week has been so fantastic!
my pup and I have been camped out the past few days at my parent's house because my hubs + dad are both out of town this week.
this week has been full of:
late nights, dark chocolate and movies,
early morning cuddles with pups,
making soup and gluten free bread,
whole foods and walks in downtown franklin,
lots of coffee and speed solitaire,
good chats and happy hour every day.

i am truly blessed!

also this week got a little bit colder that i anticipated so my mom lent me this super comfy skirt! (it was from old navy! what a surprise!)

necklace- i picked up this beauty at a clothing exchange with some girls- not sure where it is from but i love it!
skirt- lent from momma- old navy
hair- inspired by A Beautiful Mess
(i didn't do it exactly like them- but it was a great guide!)



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